Protecting Your Paint with A Car Cover And Getting The Correct Material For The Weather Conditions

The man who invented the car was an absolute genius. Every time I get into my car I am overcome with wonder and amazement, how intricate designs get us from place to place. And to think there was one mastermind behind it all! But the guy who invented covers, was an even bigger genius. You know there are some things that are so obvious that people just don’t think about them. Yes, the car inventor needed to be extremely clever and all that, but the auto covers inventor guy, to a really necessity and put it in to being. And you need real ingenuity to be the mastermind behind all the different auto covers with the various different functional levels. Let’s just examine my auto cover for a moment to get an idea of what we’re talking about porsche 911 covers. To begin with my is custom fit. The cover fits my auto like a glove, with special pockets even for the wing mirrors. This means that not one part of the auto remains exposed. The auto cover is waterproof. No rain, sleet or snow is able to find its way in. Not only that but I don’t have to make sure my auto is dry before putting on the auto cover as the material is breathable.

This means that moisture is allowed out but not in. I don’t have to worry about the auto becoming moldy and or rusty. Having a cover naturally means that I am no longer bothered by bird droppings, tree sap and other sorts of stains that land up on the exterior of autos. These stains are usually near impossible to get rid of, and I am happy to be free of them at last. My auto cover is up rays resistant. Without my car cover, my paintwork would be bleached in no time, and my auto looking old and worn out, well before its time. Without my auto cover, the auto would be unbearably stuffy to drive when parked in the sun. The interior workings of the auto would also get damaged. I’m sure glad I’m safe from that! Scratches and dents occur all the time, often just from people walking past the auto. If someone’s keys are dangling down from their pants, and they walk a bit too close to your auto, they’ll scratch it. And they won’t even notice, and the damage is all on you. Well, I’m safe from that! With my auto cover, I can be sure that people won’t end up scratching or denting my auto. The car cover, also prevent sticks and stones that are swept up in a wind storm from scratching the auto as they whiz past.

The Benefit of a Car Cover: Shielding Your Car from the Sun – Choosing the Right Material for You

Up rays are harmful for everyone, including cars. The sun’s rays bleach the exterior finish of the vehicle, and the paintwork becomes faded away. The looks old way before it’s time. In addition when the vehicle is left standing in the sun for long periods of time, then it starts to get stuffy and overheated. This is more than just unbearable to drive. The internals specs of the paint too get ruined in the heat. So all in all, when paint is left out in the sun, all that remains is an unhappy car and driver. This is where the Umbrella auto covers from Cover craft come in. Cover craft is a world famous company that manufactures superb coverings. The company is known to have a wide choice so that everyone, no matter what car, what weather or climate, has auto car covers to suit their particular needs. This is accentuated by the fact that they offer custom auto covers. Car owners can personalize their cover to their exact specifications. The Umbrella is perfect for anyone who lives in a mostly hot climate with the occasional rainfall. The acrylic fibers used in the manufacturing of Umbrella is naturally UV rays resistant. This is the best offer of protection for the car. When auto car covers are naturally resistant, and don’t need any treatment to reach this level of resistance, they are much more durable. The treatment will not fade with time and therefore the auto car covers will be long lasting.

The acrylic material of Umbrella car covers is also resistant to the growth of mildew and or rot. Bird droppings, tree sap and the like, will be unable to penetrate through the auto car covers, and the car will remain stain free. It also prevents any dust from finding its way onto the car, ensuring that the car remain totally clean and spotless. In the event of the occasional rainfall, the Umbrella is also water resistant and made of scratch free material. This is albeit at a much lower level, but is sufficient enough for the odd shower or two. However, it will prove to be inadequate for a downpour. Cover craft offers the Umbrella auto covers in five handsome colors; Pacific Blue, Sky Blue, Cadet Grey, Jet Black or Toast. This means that even when the car is covered, it remains good looking and classy, just like the car hidden beneath it. Did you know seat covers are also made from this material?

The New 911 Club Coupe with Porsche Wheels and Iconic Styling

Sixty years ago, thirteen Porsche owners came together and formed the first Porsche club. The club began as a way to bring enthusiasts together that shared the common bond of Porsche ownership and discuss everything from repairs and modifications to driving and racing. Since the original club was formed, there has been incredible growth throughout the world. Currently there are 181,000 members that belong to 640 official Porsche clubs in 75 different countries. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first club, the German automaker has unveiled a limited edition 911 Club Coupe that features unique styling, special Porsche wheels, added engine performance, and a redesigned interior. The new 911 model was developed and designed by Porsche Community Management and Porsche Design to commemorate the 60th year of Porsche clubs. Only 12 of the 911 Club Sport models will be made available to the public, while the other will be kept by the automaker and used in their museum exhibit.

The new 911 Club Coupe is powered by the same 3.8-liter flat-six engine that is featured in the 911 Carr ere S model. This time, the Club Coupe benefits from a Power Kit that boosts output by 30 horsepower. The kit includes modified camshafts and cylinder heads, an upgraded ECU, controllable flaps for a variable resonance intake system, center radiator, Sport Chrome package, and dynamic engine mounts. The result is 430 horsepower and 325 lb-ft. of torque being sent to the rear Porsche wheels, allowing the Club Coupe to accelerate to 62 mph in 4.2- or 4.0 seconds and reach a top speed of 188.3 mph. The exterior of the 911 Club Coupe was also designed to reflect historic Porsche models. The entire exterior was dressed in Brewster Green paint and equipped with a Sport Design package. The package consists of a new front spoiler, rear duck tail spoiler atop the engine cover, and a painted lower rear apron. Along the bottom of each door are painted 911 Club Coupe designations in contrasting paint. New 19-inch black Sport Techno Porsche wheels were installed in a wider 9J x 20 ET 51 and 11.5J x 20 ET 68 front and rear setup with corresponding 245/35 ZR 20 and 305/30 ZR 20 performance tires for added grip. The finishing touch is a set of PCB ceramic composite brakes and PAS suspension that lowers the sports car by 20 mm for a better overall center of gravity.

The interior of the 911 Club Sport wears a unique Espresso natural leather to contrast the green exterior paint and is stitched with Lu xor Beige stitching. The dashboard features brushed aluminum trim and a special commemorative strip with the client’s name engraved into the aluminum. Opening both doors reveals special door sills that are illuminated. Each car will also come with an Espresso leather photography album and leather key pouch. The 911 Club Coupe with 430 horsepower, special Porsche wheels, and commemorative interior will be available for $175,580 in the United States. Only 12 models will be made available to the public.

What to Know Before Buying an Extended Auto Warranty

If you have ever had engine failure shortly after buying a used car, you know that an auto warranty is your best friend. These types of large-scale repairs are an expensive affair, but not all warranties guarantee to pay the costs. You have to know what to look for in a warranty to be sure you’re covered properly. Being free of risk when buying a used car is never a sure thing. A used car warranty holds the financial risks at bay and that is the most important issue. Take a look at these questions you should ask before purchasing an auto warranty:

What does a used car warranty do?

As specified in the Terms and Conditions, it is how much will be paid in the event of the vehicle needing repairs. Moreover, the costs are usually covered by insurance. Some people will not buy a car warranty beyond the factory warranty. Realize, however, that major engine problems are bound to happen only after the car gains mileage, grow older, and after the original warranty have expired.

Who provides the warranties for used cars?

Sales organizations and even your car manufacturer that you bought the car from will sell you a warranty. Be advised that some places will have higher prices than others. Again, the conditions are sometimes very different. Be sure you read the warranty offered before buying, especially as there are different types of warranties and different terms that go with each one.

What happens if the insurance does not jump in?

Since the auto warranty is offered in addition to the statutory warranty of quality, you should clarify whether there are claims from the latter. For example: Should the car’s radio break, be sure that it isn’t covered under a previous warranty before filing a claim with the additional warranty coverage.

How can you protect your private purchase?

Whoever goes with a private person buys at a higher risk, so the prices are usually lower. Concealed defects are usually excluded. Used guarantees for private sellers have largely disappeared from the market so be wary of this. Before buying a privately owned car, ask if there is an extended auto warranty on it. If not, check to see how much purchasing one will be before deciding on the car. A car warranty can help reduce the cost of repairs and help extend the time that you’re on the road. By doing your homework and being sure you are purchasing a warranty that will benefit you, you will have the peace of mind that you’re covered should anything happen.

5 Must-Have Items for Car Dealership Service Departments

There are many forms, tags and auto body supplies auto dealership service departments depend on to keep business running. The following five car dealership service department supplies tend to be the most essential for dealerships in terms of both providing excellent customer service and maintaining an organized shop.

Dispatch Hang Tags

Service dispatch hang tags are simply numbers printed on sturdy tags used to keep track of repair orders and customer vehicles. Most dispatch hang tags have two smaller matching sets of printed numbers at the bottom along perforated edges; these can be torn out and placed on car key tags and used as customer dispatch tags. Depending on how the dealership’s service department is organized, the dealership may choose to use colored dispatch tags or plain tags.

Plastic Seat Covers

For many auto dealerships, using plastic seat covers to protect customers’ car interiors is a no-brainer. A small, simple step, placing inexpensive plastic film seat covers over car interiors before beginning work shows customers that their vehicles are well cared for – and that their business is valued. Most seat covers are single or double ply sheeted plastic which comes in rolls.

Static Cling Write-In Oil Change Reminder Labels

In terms of customer retention, few items are more important for car dealership service departments and stand-alone auto service facilities than service reminder stickers. Placed in the windshield of the customer’s vehicle after service has been completed, static cling service reminder stickers remind drivers of when their vehicle is due for its next oil change, routine maintenance inspection and so forth. Most service facilities choose to use customized reminder labels complete with their facility’s name and contact information, reminding drivers of where their vehicle was last serviced and – hopefully – what an excellent experience they had having their vehicle serviced there.

Paper Floor Mats

Another body shop item used to protect car interiors as the vehicles are serviced, paper floor mats are not only a great opportunity to show excellent customer service, but also to increase customer retention and brand awareness. Standard paper floor mats display messages such as “Thank you for your business!”, but service facilities can easily purchase customized paper floor mats displaying their business name, contact info and even a custom message. These mats remind customers that their vehicle is in good hands – and they further impress the service facility’s brand name into customer awareness.

Night Drop/Early Bird Envelopes

Vehicles don’t only break down during business hours – which is why having a good night drop system in place, is key for any auto service facility. Using night drop envelopes (also known as early bird envelopes), customers can drop their vehicles off at a service facility during any time of the night or day, even on weekends and holidays, and know their vehicle will be serviced as soon as possible. Night drop/early bird envelopes provide critical information which protects the service facility or dealership from potential libel; this information includes labor rate disclosure and areas for the customer to indicate what services he/she wants to be performed (or not). Different states have different requirements about what information must be included on these forms.